Ben Garratt - A Visual/UI Designer with UX chops.

I'm available for UI/Visual/Interaction Design work from mid June - Hire Me

Hiya, I'm Ben. I'm a designer based in London. I love to design engaging and enjoyable experiences across websites, applications and mobile. I graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2008 with a degree in Interactive Multimedia. I quickly forgot all the flash they taught us and landed a job as a freelance designer for a small local agency. 

Fast-forward five years and I made the move to London to pursue a more interesting and rewarding experience designing products for startups, rather than websites for plumbers (I use websites for plumbers as an example of the boring sort of stuff I was doing 'up norf', but I've never actually designed a website for a plumber). This took my into the arms of Geckoboard, a Shoreditch based SaaS startup. From there, I moved onto Forward Partners, a startup foundry, and then into a freelance capacity working with agencies and directly with startups. 

I love solving problems through design, I don't just paint by numbers - I'm well versed in creating wireframes and user flows and ensuring a consistently quality UX across Marketing websites and Application interfaces. I dabble in a bit of copywriting, especially 'human sounding' messaging within interfaces. I love visual design and typography, I don't work with font sizes smaller than 14px. I'm a lover of clean UI design, and a believer in keeping digital interfaces looking digital. 

Core Skillset:

  • Visual Design for websites, branding and marketing materials (I can do a bit of print too, if I'm asked nicely)
  • Interface design for web, tablet and mobile.
  • UX and Interaction Design and the creation of deliverables in this area (wireframes, user flows, scenarios, personas etc.)
  • Friendly, 'innocent style' copywriting and in-app messaging
  • HTML/CSS - I can write fairly basic frontend markup for small sites or rapid prototyping, it's not something I get massively excited about, but I can step up if needed. 
  • Designing with Data and Data Visualisation.

This is a pretty quick into to me, my skills and what I love doing. I'm happy to chat more or take people through my work and projects I've worked on. 

I'm available for UI/Visual/Interaction Design work from mid June - Hire Me